Course Registration Fee

Students of Tajweed Easy Starter are charged only a modest course registration fee. The fee shall be paid in a single payment.

Tajweed Easy Starter – Fee:  USD 60

Payment deadlines:

  1. Spring semester: January 1 – 20
  2. Fall semester: July 1 – 20

Payment Policy

  1. The payment should not be made until all registration procedures had been completed and instructions to pay were given by the head facilitator. To learn more click here.
  2. The fees paid to the Islamic Online University for the registration are neither refundable nor transferable under any circumstances. This is due to the modest fee charged.



The fees should be paid in US dollars. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the ENTIRE registration fee is received by the IOU and any transfer fees MUST BE paid by the student. To avoid delays in enrollment due to the deduction of transfer fees, it is advisable that a student adds US$25.00 to the registration fees. This will ensure that the full payment is received by the IOU. ANY EXTRA MONEY above the transfer fee will be credited to the student’s account, in sha Allah.