Course Details

The Tajweed Intensive is a comprehensive course for those students, who already possess the basic knowledge of Tajweed and want to broaden it and beautify their recitation.

The course has been divided into two semesters:

Semester 1

In the 1st semester students cover 22 modules. Each module contains an audio file, ppt file as well as a video. Students will also be given an online course-book as well as Tajweed tips. In addition to that, through the 20 weeks of study, students will attend three weekly live sessions in groups of 8-10 members*.


Semester 2

During the 2nd semester students will receive 4-5 months of three weekly group* classes where they will intensively practise what they have learned in the 1st term in order to strengthen and beautify their recitation.

Each live class in both semesters will last approximately 60 minutes.

Upon successful completion (see below the grade requirements), students will receive an attested Tajweed diploma, in sha’ Allah.

* Note: the groups will have female teachers for sisters and male teachers for brothers.


Grade requirements:

Weekly Tests – Grades:

Articulation of letters: 20%

Characteristics of letters: 20%

Prolongation and other rules: 40%

Clarification or Arabic letters (not stretching the vowels): 15%

Voice and rhythm: 5%


Final Passing Grade: 60%