• Tajweed Intensive
    Join our two-semester Tajweed Intensive program with detailed modules, study tips and intensive recitation classes to strengthen and beautify your recitation.
  • Tajweed Easy Starter
    Learn the basics of Tajweed in our easy course designed by respectable Shaykh Wissam El Tom. Live sessions conducted by experienced teachers.
  • Salient Features
    Numerous groups for students from different time zones – Choose the one which is convenient for YOU! – Segregated classes for brothers and sisters – Best E-Learning methods used – Very modest fees!

Tajweed Easy Starter

An easy Tajweed course designed by Shaykh Wissam El Tom for those who have no or little knowledge of Tajweed rules

Tajweed Intensive

An advanced Tajweed program with audios, videos, a course-book, study tips and live sessions to help you practise Tajweed and beautify your recitation.