A) Starting from Scratch (SFS)

Prerequisite: None

Description: For complete beginners

  • Learn the Arabic letters and how to recognize them.
  • Gradually learn the basics that you require to start reciting the Qur’an in sha’ Allah.


B) Tajweed Made Easy (TME)

Prerequisite: Ability to read joined Arabic letters in the Qur’an.

Description: Learn how to perfect your recitation in a simple, fun, and enjoyable way.


The course consists of two semesters:

Part 1:

  • Etiquettes of a seeker of knowledge
  • Points of articulation (Makharij) of Arabic letters
  • Rules of Tajweed (Noon & Meem Mushaddadah, Ismu’l-Jalaalah, Mad Tabii, Qalqalah, Levels of Tafkheem, Nun Sakinah wa Tanween and Meem Sakinah)


Part 2:

  • Rules of Tajweed (Mudud, Rulings of Ra, Hamzatul-Wasl, Rawm and Ishmam, Idgham and its branches and Exception Rulings)
  • Characteristics of Arabic letters‏



  • Special exercises after each lesson helping you mark Tajweed rulings in the Mus-haf
  • Fun and interesting quizzes after each topic
  • Construct interactive mind maps to help you grasp the concept better