Attendance Policies

1) Students are requested to wait 15 minutes for the teacher. If the teacher does not come within 15 minutes and has not informed the students of his/her later arrival, the students may leave. In such a case, the teacher will conduct a compensatory class, in sha’ Allah.

2) If the student does not come to a class or arrives more than 15 minutes late AND neglects to inform the teacher of it, the teacher has a choice to:

a) Leave the virtual classroom.

b) Conduct the live session giving the student the full allocated time,

c) Schedule with the student a make-up session.

3) If the student cannot come to a session, he/she needs to notify the teacher. Only in such cases, the teacher will conduct a compensatory class.

4) Students who join the class late (30 minutes after it has started) would still be allowed to recite. 

Note: The student may have up to 3 makeup sessions in a month on condition to notify the teacher at least one hour before the class starts.