Completion Requirement

Upon meeting the academic requirements of the Islamic Online University and the standards of performance of the Ijazah course, a student is awarded an Ijazah in the Quran memorization and a Certificate of Memorization for one or two poems.

1. Ijazah Course Requirements

The Ijazah course consists of live tutorial sessions conducted online.

In order to graduate from the course, a student must:
• Memorize the whole Quran,
• Recite a khatma once with eyes covered during the online live sessions.

2. Score Requirements

The minimum requirement for a student to successfully pass the Ijazah course is:
• 70% mark in the Quran memorization,
• 70% mark in tajweed,
• 70% mark in the memorization and interpretation of Al-Jazariyyah poem (note: Tuhfat Al-Atfal poem is optional and it will be added to the certificate),
• General evaluation to be at least: “good”.

3. University Requirements

i. Clearance from the IOU Payments Department
The graduation requirements for the Ijazah program include receiving “No Dues” clearance email from the IOU Payments department.

The University dues requiring clearance include the monthly registration fees.
Note: The minimum duration of the Ijazah course is one year. Hence, a student who has completed the course in less time is still obliged to pay the complete course fee.

Any outstanding balance with IOU, i.e. dues, must be cleared prior to the graduation.

4. Graduation Fees

All students are required to pay a standard certificate-processing fee of $150 USD upon completion of the program prior to the graduation. The fee covers attestation of the IOU accredited certificate and the postal charges.